General Meeting

Welcome back LHS families, students and staff,

The Lynnwood High School Booster Club Board and Committee Chairs would like to invite you to our first meeting of the 2017-2018 school year, on Monday, September 11, at 7:00pm in the LHS Library.

With the PTSA disbanded, the Booster Club has taken on some of the PTSA activities (Vendor Splendor, Staff Lunches, Gift Wrap and Class Accounts), and we need additional help with filling open volunteer positions.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like additional information on how you can support our kids this year, please contact Shannon Bjornson at

If it’s for the kids, the answer is “Yes!”



Thank you for supporting LHS High School!

Do you have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card? Now is the time to update your account! You can link your rewards card by going to and search for LHS#86060

Do you shop at Amazon? If you shop through Amazon Smile, the Booster Club can receive a portion of the purchase price. It’s easy to do: just search for Lynnwood High School Booster Club and then make your purchases!

Thank you so much for your support! ‘We Live To Give’

Have a great summer!

 We would like to take this opportunity to thank all Booster Members and all the Staff and Administrators at LHS for all their support this school year.  It is these people who donated their time year after year which really made the difference and helped build the Booster Club to what it is today.

We hope you had a terrific 2015-2016 school year!

We are looking forward to announcing our new board members in the fall. We still have several Open Positions, as many hands make for light work. Please contact us at if you’d like more information. We will be hosting a fabulous Open House in the fall to share what the LHS Boosters Club is all about and discuss ways that YOU can get involved.  Look for further information the end of August! Enjoy your summer!!

Auction Planning

LHS Boosters Live to Give!

LHS Boosters is a group of dedicated parents, community members, teachers, and staff members of Lynnwood High School.

Our common goal is to work towards enabling school activity participation for all students. It’s not just about sports! We work for any club or sports team at school, and we provide academic scholarships every year to deserving students – regardless of any sports or clubs they participate in.

End of year

LHS Boosters Live to Give!

Can you believe we are about to wrap up another school year! Every year just goes by faster and faster. . .

The time has come to elect new Board Members for the Booster Club for the next school year 2016-2017. Each position is a one year commitment, so all positions are currently open. We would love to encourage more parents and staff to get involved in the Booster Club. This is such an important part of Lynnwood High School! The commitment is minimal, an hour or two a week, as the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” If you are not currently actively involved with Lynnwood High School, this is a great place to plug in and stay informed! Please forward to any parent, staff, or volunteer you think may be interested.

The following positions are open and need to be filled:

Board Positions:
• President
• Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasurer

Other Open Positions:
• Membership Coordinator
• Website Manager
• Auction Chair
• Club Liaison
• Sport Liaison
• Fundraising Committee Members
• Concession Volunteers

If we are unable to maintain enough of an ongoing volunteer staff, there is a great risk of the Booster Club dissolving, which will be a huge problem, specifically for the Staff at LHS but more importantly, the student body of LHS. Some food for thought:

1. Any fundraising each team or club conducts falls under the Booster Club Umbrella insurance policy. The Edmonds School District requires we carry insurance and cover all clubs/teams on any and all fundraising efforts due to liability issues. We also have a gaming license which is used primarily for raffles and we have a tax I.D. number which is given to businesses who donate funds. Without the insurance coverage, gaming license or tax I.D. number, you will have serious issues in your fundraising efforts. There are strict guidelines for fundraising from the District which must be adhered to.

2. We currently manage team/club checking accounts which houses all fundraising monies you have collected which can be used for intangible items such as a student athletes needing money for participation fees, ref fees, bus transportation fees, printing costs for team programs, spirit gear items for resale, miscellaneous items needed which aren’t tangible and run through the PTSA account (i.e., uniforms and equipment). As you know, your PTSA accounts can’t be used as a “checking account”. Furthermore, the ESD policy states no coaches or staff members can keep or handle money for their respective teams and/or clubs only a parent liaison/Booster Club representative. How will you collect your money and where will you house this money?

3. No more funding will be available for Senior Scholarships or the ESD Student Scholar Athlete.

4. No more assistance will be available to you in your fundraising efforts.

5. No more Concession Stand which is where many of you raise funds for your teams/clubs each year.

6. No more funds for students who are experiencing financial difficulties and can’t afford ASB cards, yearbooks, sports and club participation fees, food items for teams, clothing, prom expenses, the list goes on and on.

We hope you understand the magnitude of the affect the loss of the Booster Club will have on all of you. Sure, we all have busy lives, have other jobs and family commitments but being on the Booster Board isn’t a full-time job. It is a few hours a week, if that. We work towards the common goal of helping kids which is so important. We ask that you contact all parent volunteers you have worked with, friends who have kids or will have kids at LHS soon and anyone else you know who would be willing to take on one of the positions mentioned above

Over the years, we have provided academic scholarships, helped students pay sports fees and get required physicals, raised money with concessions, funded transportation to important events for clubs, and helped with food donations for needy students. Your support will help us accomplish even more this year.